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NiNiSpeech offers digital Tele-Speech-Therapy service, by combining an award-winning digital platform with a network of Speech Language Pathologists and Speech Buddies (a.k.a. NiNiTeam).

The NiNiSpeech platform comprises of the following elements:

  • Tele-practice system – NiNiSpeech platform facilitates online SLP appointments using video chat. The system includes plethora of content, exceeding any treatment room. At the end of the appointment, the SLP prescribes homework to the patient within the system. Homework tasks flow to the patient’s app, as well as to the NiNiTeam – speech-buddies team.
  • Practice app – Learning requires practice. Continuous, effective practice re-wires brain pathways, assimilates new habits, and automates cognitive tasks. NiNiSpeech developed the ultimate speech practice environment on a mobile App (iOS and Android) and on the web. The practice system revolves around tasks, prescribed by the speech pathologist. Adherence-maximization elements boost compliance with the prescription.
  • Therapist’s dashboard –NiNiSpeech provides real-world view for the pathologist, including quantitative compliance, performance and progress monitoring. The SLP can also listen to selected pieces of clients’ speech in different settings. Using the dashboard, the precious time with the client is better utilized, and the treatment is personalized to the patient.
  • Measurement – Pearson argued that only what can be measured can be improved. This is exactly why we are measured in our studies and at work. Measurement enables progress and increases motivation. Treating speech disorders without measurement is like weight loss without a scale. NiNiSpeech developed patented algorithms that detect, classify and measure speech disorders, feeding this information back to the client and the pathologist.
  • Monitoring and Supervision – Not only does the patient have to measure his progress, the therapist must also know whether the patient is practicing, how he is performing and whether the pace of progress is satisfactory. Only with this knowledge can the therapist adapt the treatment personally to the patient. When progress is unsatisfactory, the approach or therapist must be altered.

NiNiSpeech’s speech therapy focuses on measured success factors. Using technology that provides ultimate therapy and practice environment is the way to significantly improve the chances of success in treating speech disorders.

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