Impressive Results with NiNiSpeech

The NiNiSpeech system has been tested by patients from many countries and has achieved impressive results consistently. Patients who practice the NiNiSpeech system over time show a significant improvement in the effectiveness of their speech.

The technologies underlying the NiNiSpeech system have been examined by the world’s leading experts and have been presented at international conferences. They are widely supported by the professional community.

Reduction in Stuttering Duration 2 Months After Treatment

With NiNiSpeech 61%
Without NiNiSpeech 9%

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Case Study – 9 Year Old Patient


The patient is a 9-year-old who began stuttering before the age of 4. In initial diagnosis, the patient demonstrated moderate to severe stuttering characterized by repetition and stress. At this stage, the patient’s speech efficiency (SES – Speech Efficiency Score) was measured at 77%, meaning that for 23% of speech time, the patient does not transmit new information due to stuttering.

Use of NiNiSpeech

The patient practiced with the NiNiSpeech app for 6 months. The therapist could also watch the results of the practice and listen to the exercises. On average, the patient practiced about 3 minutes each day. The speech-enhancing activities embedded in the NiNiSpeech app were adapted to the treatment stage according to the therapist’s instructions. The treatment began with self-practice, practice with the NiNiTeam, and, ultimately, practice with other users the patient’s age. Activities also included short reading assignments, subsequent questions and answers, spontaneous discourse, and time-pressured speech.

Treatment Results

After only 10 days of practice, there was already a noticeable improvement in speech. After six months of treatment and training with NiNiSpeech, the patient was able to raise his SES level to 93%, as shown in the figure.

In the feedback questionnaire, the patient noted that “Practicing with NiNiSpeech very much helped me improve my speech.”

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