Take Part in The Future of Speech Therapy

Research reveals that practice is key to successful therapy and assimilation of speech strategies.

At NiNiSpeech, we focus exactly on this challenge. We improve the patient’s speech in everyday life, striving to eliminate relapse.


Why NiNiSpeech?


Always Ready
The entire treatment is carried out online via computer and mobile phone at your convenience and from the comfort of your home.

Individualized Treatment
Speech therapy is not a one-size fits all. We select the best treatment method and match the best speech language pathologist to each client.

Daily Practices
NiNiSpeech mobile app and our NiNiTeam group of speech-buddies make you want to practice daily. Practicing with NiNiSpeech is fun and effective.

Experienced Professional Team
NiNiSpeech Team has broad experience in speech therapy with children and adults. The treatment is conducted by top-notch experts, accompanied by speech-buddies, and empowered by breakthrough scientific technologies.

How Does It Actually Work?

NiNiSpeech provides tele-therapy based on innovative technologies, accessed via computer and smart-phone, at your choice of time and location.


 Following the assessment meeting, the therapist and the method of treatment are selected individually for each patient.

 Weekly treatment with a speech language pathologist, takes place via online video.

 Daily practices are conducted using the NiNiSpeech mobile app with our experienced speech-buddies team.

 The entire cycle is empowered by advanced science-based technologies, measuring speech qualities, providing automatic feedback and reports to the patient and therapists. The entire process is supervised by top-notch experts.

Prestigious Awards in Global Competitions

EU eHealth Competition, Amsterdam

Hundreds of European eHealth companies competed for this award, all offering innovative solutions for medical conditions. NiNiSpeech took 2nd place and subsequently received €1.8M grant from the European Commission. Judges, experts in eHealth, were highly impressed with our technology.

Global Innovation Award, Beijing

NiNiSpeech went all the way at the Global Innovation Awards 2016 in Beijing! The competition was attended by over 3,000 startups around the world competing for $1.5M in prizes. NiNiSpeech’s innovative solution for treating speech disorders took first place!

Clinical Research Results

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