What SLPs say about NiNiSpeech

  • While Speech therapist working for 10 years in Fluency Disorders field, there's a daily challenge to people who stutter that I follow. How did they talked during the week? The only reference I have is their perception (which is subjective). In most cases the feedback they gave me is that they feel confident in the clinic and in the transferences activities (when they are with me),but they feel it´s hard to practicing at home. They don´t know if they are using properly the fluency techniques, they feel that the techniques don´t work and they do not feel comfortable in applying these techniques in the real world, which reduces motivation, practice and the therapeutic success. With NiNiSpeech practice doesn't end in the clinic. It's sort of my extension in the patients' day-to-day life. For the very first time I know how my patients are performing in the real-world, and how they keep track of their homework. I can also interact with them between sessions. The analysis provided by NiNiSpeech helps me deliver personal and concrete therapy - increasing therapy success rate.
    Gonçalo Leal, SLP, Head of SpeechCare Clinic, Portugal, 2015

NiNiSpeech helps SLPs monitor their patients and optimize therapy

The NiNiSpeech Dashboard is a window to the real-world performance of your patients. Obtain a bird’s eye view of all your patients and their out-of-clinic speech progress.

Follow the progress of each patient. NiNiSpeech provides automatic, objective, quantitative and granular measurements of your patients’ speech, in real world scenarios.

"For the very first time I know how my patients are performing in the real-world, and how they keep track of their homework."

You can view every NiNiSpeech session, and even listen to the voice recording. This way you know what scenarios are most challenging for your patient, when he succeeds in using techniques you’ve taught, what actually works for her, and what does not. You can also give your patients thumbs up or a word of advice between clinic-visits.

NiNiSpeech News

November 30, 2016

NiNiSpeech receives 1.8M € from Horizon 2020

NiNiSpeech receives €1.8 million grant from the European Commission, to help people who stutter. The grant, within SME phase 2 instrument, is highly competitive. It is […]
November 30, 2016

ASHA 2016 Convention

Prof. Ofer Amir, our Clinical Director, presented at the annual convention of The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Ofer presented our Speech Efficiency Score and its validation. Being the […]
August 10, 2016

NiNiSpeech Wins 1st Place at the GIA 2016 contest!

NiNiSpeech went all the way at the Global Innovation Awards 2016 in Beijing!  The competition featured 21 startups from all around the world competing for $1.5 million worth prizes. NiNiSpeech’s […]