So What is NiNi and how does it work?

When you're in the mood to practice enter the NiNi app. You can choose to practice with one of your NiNi-buddies, or let the NiNiSpeech system find a perfect speaking-mate for you; challenging but fun. NiNiSpeech provides a safe and neutral environment to practice speech, where participants share your ambition, sensitivity and commitment to make progress.

You now enter a world of entertaining speech activities with a human friendly peer. It's much easier to speak when you have a guided activity. While you speak you receive feedback about your speech - rate, naturalness, fluency. You may also enjoy games controlled by your speech, such as blowing bubbles.

My biggest challenge was practice. NiNiSpeech makes it fun and engaging so I practice every day now! ~Alley F.

When you’re done - you can see how well you did. NiNiSpeech provides automatic, objective, quantitative and granular speech measurements. If both peers want to - you can make new NiNi-buddies.

You will make excellent progress over time. So - here are your bragging rights. NiNi will help you achieve your speech goals - whether eloquence, better communication, acceptance or fluency

The NiNiSpeech app encourages me to stick to my goals. Funny enough, I'm trying to satisfy the app. I think it's because the automatic technology is not judgmental, I control it, and I feel it's my own thing. ~ Niv S.

Sometimes it gets even more exciting with some guest celebrity NiNi peers. Are you up to the challenge, speaking with a famous actor, sportsman, politician, rock-star or super-model?

Your speech is valuable, fluent or not, so make it count! With your permission, NiNiSpeech will use your speech to help the visually impaired.