General Questions

1What ages is the app suitable for?
The app is suitable for children, teens and adults alike. The minimal age to begin using the app is 6 years (with parental supervision). This is because research shows that most children who stutter at early childhood grow out of it by the time they reach 6 years of age. Only 20% of the children continue stuttering after the age of 6.
2I've tried everything already... how do I know this will work?
We hear you! Chances are you tried different methods, followed them for a while and relapsed. NiNiSpeech focuses on maintaining your success, by catalyzing the assimilation of your techniques in your brain. Regardless of the therapy method you choose and even without an SLP. Yes, you can use it on your own to practice, chat and enjoy speaking while improving your speech and communication.
3How does NiNiSpeech differ from other apps and software out there?
Most common apps and digital solutions belong to AAF/DAF/FAF family. These solutions are based on Choral Speech. They playback the speaker's own voice with a slight change. The main advantage of these solutions, is that some people who stutter immediately speak fluently when using them. Their downsides are: 1) They work only for 30% of PWS. 2) There is no effect after earphone is removed, and 3) Research shows that these methods are only effective for a period of few months after which they fail to help due to habituation. Other apps serve as technical trainers for fluency shaping methods. These are tailored per method (e.g. Webster or MPI) and are irrelevant for people who wish to take a different course of action, such as stutter modification or acceptance. NiNiSpeech focuses on improving speech in day to day life and over time, regardless of the therapy method. In other words, NiNiSpeech reduces the chance of relapse. This is achieved by fueling effective practice using unique feedback technology and patented algorithms.
4Is the app also available for PC / Windows Phone and iOS?
The first generation of the app is available for Android devices. We are working on an iOS version too. Windows version may follow.

Using NiNiSpeech

1Can I use NiNiSpeech without a therapist?
Yes you can. NiNiSpeech can be used during therapy, following therapy or in a self-help mode. Though it is always recommended to consult a professional, many choose to treat themselves. NiNiSpeech enables you to work towards your speech goals with or without a SLP.
2I'm an SLP - will I be able to monitor my patient with NiNiSpeech?
Indeed, subject to your patient's consent. NiNiSpeech assesses speech performance in real-world scenarios, using objective, quantitative and granular measurements. Using the NiNiSpeech SLP dashboard you can monitor your patients' progress, and provide accurate, continuous, personalized and efficient therapy.
3Do other users know my real identity?
The NiNiSpeech is anonymized. Other users can see your selected nick-name, and of course view your face when you speak to each other. Yet, your personal details, such as name, email, age or location, are not shared by the system.
4Can non user see my identity on NiNiSpeech?
No. People who are not NiNiSpeech users cannot know that you use NiNiSpeech through the NiNiSpeech system. Sharing in social platforms will, naturally, make this information public.
5Can my parents see my performance?
Parents can view performance and progress if they have access to the NiNiSpeech application. If you are a parent and want to follow - you can do that. If you stutter and do not want your parents to follow - you can do that too.
6Do other users see my level of stutter or fluency?
No. When you practice with a peer, each party sees his/her own feedback. NiNiSpeech is about communication, not about competition. Different people have different speech goals, start from a different level and progress at different paces. Focus on your own goals, and enjoy the dialog.
7Who has access to the information accumulated about my stutter?
NiNiSpeech keeps your information confidential. You have access to it. If you grant access, your therapist (SLP) can also monitor. NiNiSpeech does use the accumulated information and voice recordings for further research in and out of NiNiSpeech - anonymized and over a population.
8Which therapy method does NiNiSpeech work with or support?
NiNiSpeech works with all stuttering therapy methods and approaches - e.g. stutter modification, acceptance, fluency shaping. NiNiSpeech supports all goals - e.g. eloquence, confidence, communication, fluency . NiNiSpeech focuses on achieving long-term speech goals, rather than on specific techniques or strategies.
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