Many people who stutter avoid speaking situations, resulting in social, personal and professional challenges. They therefore seek ways to improve, whether through fluency, eloquence, communication, confidence or acceptance. People who stutter often seek help with Speech Language Pathologists (SLP) or other professionals. Some make use of self help. Though treatment is often successful in the short term, 84% suffer relapse in the longer term.

NiNiSpeech enables people who stutter to take control over their speech, using unique mobile technologies.

Just like any skill, improving speech requires practice. The brain needs to assimilate techniques and make them automatic. Remember learning to ride your bike? Takes a while until you can enjoy the view, and not only focus on balance. Same with speech.

NiNiSpeech offers people who stutter a safe platform to engage in speech activities, build confidence and experience spontaneous interaction with speech partners who share ambition, sensitivity and mutual commitment to make progress. NiNiSpeech matches you with a perfect speech-peer. You then select from a variety of speech activities; all are fun and entertaining. When you speak, you receive meaningful feedback. Once you're done, you can view your stats and progress. Goals and awards make sure you excel.

The therapist can also view your practice and progress. With the granular information provided by NiNiSpeech, the therapist can deliver an accurate, individualized, dynamic and efficient therapy. NiNiSpeech incorporates the only automatic technology for stuttering detection, classification and measurement. With NiNiSpeech the therapist can enjoy quantitative measurements of real-world speech, serving as therapy evidence.