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Research shows 84% of people who stutter will lapse back after treatment. Do you want to beat statistics? NiNiSpeech helps you achieve your speech goals, whether eloquence, confidence, acceptance or fluency. NiNiSpeech incorporates unique patented technologies, based on scientific grounds of treatment.
Speak with people who share your ambition to improve speech

Enjoy entertaining speech activities

Receive objective, quantitative, real-time feedback

Measure performance & track your progress

Enable your therapist to monitor your real-world performance

Sharpen learning curve & maximize success rate

Why people choose NiNiSpeech

  • I can speak! I'm not afraid anymore, I'm not embarrassed and I don't blush. I just called a Pizza place, which I never ever did before. I planned to hang up after the first sentence. But I did not. I ordered a Pizza. It was not fully fluent, but who cares, I spoke confidently and got what I wanted. Thank you NiNiSpeech for enabling me to speak, to practice with people who care, to improve my speech.
    Pat G., 2016
  • I have been stuttering since I was little. I've tried everything and I couldn't get my speech to improve. My biggest challenge was the practice.  Talking to myself wasn't working (I don't stutter when I talk to myself) and speaking to others was something I feared. NiNiSpeech opened up a whole new world for me, allowing me to practice with non-judgmental peers and even make new friends in the process. It's so much fun, that I practice every day and my speech has really improved! Thanks NiNi!
    Alley F., 2015
  • I'm 17, and have been stuttering ever since I can remember. My parents sent me to a variety of therapists, each with a different approach. I spoke really well in therapy, but after a while I was back stuttering. I've been struggling to satisfy my therapists and my parents, but that doesn't help. The NiNiSpeech app encourages me to stick to my goals. Funny enough, I'm trying to satisfy the app. I think it's because the automatic technology is not judgmental, I control it, and I feel it's my own thing. Clearly the feedback focuses me on my strategies, which are getting better every day.
    Niv S., 2015
  • My Son has been using the platform for 2 months. I feel he shows an improvement in his speech fluency, which is amazing in itself. What helped my son practice was the fact that, like other teenagers, he is already connected to his mobile phone all day long and the fact that there is an app for the practice boosted his readiness to practice. This never happened before with other methods we have tried. I also want to note the help of the NiNiSpeech team, who are always there to answer my questions.
    Tali B., 2015

NiNiSpeech at a glance!

NiNiSpeech offers people who stutter a safe platform to engage in speech activities, build confidence and experience spontaneous interaction with speech partners who share ambition, sensitivity and mutual commitment to make progress.

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NiNiSpeech News

November 30, 2016

NiNiSpeech receives 1.8M € from Horizon 2020

NiNiSpeech receives €1.8 million grant from the European Commission, to help people who stutter. The grant, within SME phase 2 instrument, is highly competitive. It is […]
November 30, 2016

ASHA 2016 Convention

Prof. Ofer Amir, our Clinical Director, presented at the annual convention of The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Ofer presented our Speech Efficiency Score and its validation. Being the […]
August 10, 2016

NiNiSpeech Wins 1st Place at the GIA 2016 contest!

NiNiSpeech went all the way at the Global Innovation Awards 2016 in Beijing!  The competition featured 21 startups from all around the world competing for $1.5 million worth prizes. NiNiSpeech’s […]